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Dine Out In Waco Texas At One Of These Four Fine Restaurants

You’re not done looking for places to eat in Waco just yet, are you? I’ve got some wonderful dining establishments picked out, and I want to invite you to take a look at what’s next. I think you and your family will enjoy these four wonderful Waco TX restaurants that are a hop, skip and jump away from you.

Before you know it, you will be sitting down at a table with your family to enjoy a nice meal. Maybe that meal will be at a place called Dave’s Burger Barn. Dave’s Burger Barn is located at 600 North Patricia Street, and you’re talking about old-fashioned burgers and homemade chips. There is a triple meat hamburger on the menu that caught my eye, and I’m thinking wow, what a meal that would be.

World Cup Cafe is also a place you might want to visit, and it’s located at 1315 North 15th Street. There are daily lunch specials there, and there is a fair trade shop located in the back. Pancakes make the menu highlights, too, and people say that the menu prices for everything are reasonable. This restaurant stop, along with the shop, seems like it would make for a really unique place to enjoy a meal.

Then there is The Catch, which is located at 1230 North Valley Mills Drive. The Catch is all about seafood of course, but there are other foods on the menu, too. Order up red beans and rice, jumbo shrimp, white fish, chicken tenders and more. Those are some of the menu favorites, and reviews say that you actually place your order in line at the counter. Your food is brought to you, however, and that sounds like a plan.

This last pick is another great place to eat some pizza in Waco. The restaurant is Shorty’s Pizza Shack, and its address is 1712 South 12th Street. You will find this dining establishment close to the Baylor University campus. It is a hole in the wall restaurant that is really popular with the college kids and serves up pizza by the slice. It would especially make a great stop if you’re over there visiting Baylor University, and you’re looking for delicious pizza for lunch.

You’re going to enjoy any of these restaurants that you pick for dining out in Waco. That’s what’s good about knowing which restaurants are the best in a city. I’ve told you about four of them in this piece, and I hope you get to try them all out.